Seed Stop Sales

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What is a Stop Sale?

Seed lots placed under stop sale cannot be legally offered for sale, sold or removed from a location until a proper release has been obtained.

Seed stop sales come from two sources:

  1. Field issued stop sales: Stop sales may be issued by field staff when seed is found in violation of the Kentucky Seed Law. These often involve seed lots that are mislabeled, have expired test dates or lots distributed by firms not permitted to sell in Kentucky.
  2. Office issued stop sales: Stop sales may be issued by the office after an official sample has been obtained and our laboratory analysis indicates the seed lot is mislabeled.

A stop sale order from either of the above sources will contain a form that identifies important details about the seed lot including the seed kind, lot number and number of seed containers. The bottom portion of the form can be used later to request a release on the stop sale, thus resolving the violation.

How to Obtain a Release

Seed stop sale orders may be resolved by a number of options including:

  • Relabeling the seed lot with a correct label.
  • Returning the seed lot to the distributor or seed labeling firm.
  • Discarding the seed.

  • Please note: Seed may NOT be relabeld in these cases

Regardless of how the stop sale order is resolved the retail location is responsible for obtaining a release.

  • After a violation has been corrected, complete the 'Release Request' section of the "Notice of Violation and Stop Sale" and submit to our office.
  • If a corrected label has been used to resolve a violation, it should accompany your release request.
  • To expedite a release, email , or fax the form (and label if appropriate) to our office at (859) 257-7351. If the proposed solution is acceptable, we will grant a release.