Feed: Staff

Alan Harrison, Feed Program Director
E-Mail | (859) 257-5887
State Feed Control Official in charge of administering the Kentucky Commercial Feed Law.

Kristen Green, Feed Regulatory Specialist Senior
E-Mail | (859) 257-2785
Reviews feed labels and maintaining correspondence with companies concerning product registration information.

Margaret Thomas, Data Coordinator
E-Mail | (859) 257-2785
Responsible for processing quarterly feed tonnage reports.

Michelle Young, Staff Assistant
E-Mail | (859) 257-6528
Responsible for maintaining feed program mailing lists and feed data files. Also handles the registration of annual products.

Robert R. Counts, Auditor
E-Mail | (859) 257-2785
Division’s auditor for the feed, seed, fertilizer program. He can answer questions about tonnage reporting and filling out the tonnage form.