Who is required to submit a Tonnage Report?

Firms who possess a permit to label agricultural seed are required to submit a tonnage form.

Please Note: A report is not required when the labels are official Kentucky tags purchased from the Division of Regulatory Services or are issued by the Kentucky Seed Improvement Association (KSIA). In each of these cases, the inspection fee is considered to have been paid when the labels are purchased.

When are reports submitted?

A report must be submitted twice a year, even if there are no seed sales for a specific period. This is an important requirement to note because reports that are received more than forty-five (45) days after a period ends are subject to a delinquent fee.

Reporting period Due Date Delinquent Date
January 1 through June 30 July 31 August 15
July 1 through December 31 January 31 February 15

What seed should I report?

All seed distributed in Kentucky that is agricultural seed and\or packaged in containers that are 1 pound and above should be reported.

What if I label seed infrequently?

In lieu of submitting semi-annual tonnage reports infrequent labelers may purchase tags through our office.