Our Mission

The University of Kentucky’s Division of Regulatory Services administers four state laws pertaining to the regulation and quality of animal feed, fertilizer, seed and raw milk; these laws ensure that Kentucky consumers have access to superior agricultural products.

Samples of these products are collected by certified inspectors and are brought to the Division to undergo rigorous label review and scientific analysis to guarantee product compliance with Kentucky laws.

In addition to state law regulation and sample testing, the Division Laboratories offer two Service Programs to the public. The Soil Laboratory analyzes soil, manure and irrigation water to provide guidance to consumers for improving plant vitality and crop yield. The Seed Laboratory offers a variety of germination and purity tests to assist growers in obtaining maximum plant productivity.

The Division also cooperates with the Kentucky Department of Agriculture to provide limestone and hemp analyses. Limestone is sampled from quarries and analyzed to guide growers on proper application rates. Hemp is tested to ensure plants are within the legal definition of hemp with respect to THC. A proficiency testing program for hemp is also managed to aid labs with their quality assurance while serving the hemp industry.

Regulatory Services is committed to the Commonwealth of Kentucky by maintaining excellent standards for its agricultural products sold and consumed by the people and animals within the state.