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Feed and Fertilizer Laboratory Personnel
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Solomon Kariuki

Personnel Directory / Contacts
Lab Area
Solomon Kariuki
Quality, Methods, Sample Receiving & Preparation Lab, HPLC
Spectrochemical Analysis, Instrumentation, Methods
Jennifer Combs
Nitrogen / Protein / WIN / CSRN-Leco
Gary Coleman
Mycotoxins, ELISA, Low-level Nitrogen
Phil Dickson
Prepratory Laboratory: Fertilizer, Feed
Bruce Combs
Spectrochemical Analysis, ICPOES: Minerals, Elements, Nutrients
David Harover
Spectrochemical Analysis, ICPOES: Soil
Wayne Ingram
Fertilizer-Potash, Quality
Kristin Brock
Antibiotics / Feed
Ryan Baldwin
Phosphate / Microscopy / Sulfate / Flow Analyzers
Debie Sipe
Fat / Fiber / Vitamins
David Tompkins
Combustion Analyzers / Quality
Raina Tosheva
HPLC / UPLC-MS / Mycotoxins / Drugs / Amino Acids
Lancao Zhang
Minerals / Salt / Ash / Wet Digests / Dry Ash / Moisture / Sample Preparation