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Waters UPLC H Class Chromatography and UV Detector
Applications: Drugs-Feed, Mycotoxins-Feed and Grains
Leco TruMac Nitrogen Combustion Analyzer
Leco TruMac Nitrogen Analyzer
Applications: Nitrogen-Fertilizer
Chromatography System with Mass Spectrometry Detection
Waters UPLC ZQ Mass Detector
Applications: Drugs-Feed, Mycotoxins-Feed and Grains
Automated Titrator
Mettler Toledo T-50 with DP5 Phototrode (loan).
Applications: Potash - Fertilizer
Leco TruSpec Combustion Analyzer
Leco TruSpec Nitrogen Analyzer
Applications: Nitrogen-Fertilizer, Protein-Feeds
Varian Cary 50 UV/VIS Spectrophotometer
Normal cuvette measurements or fiber optic measurement in the sample container.
Analytical Methods: Amprolium, Arsanilic Acid, Sulfamethazine, Sulfathiazole, Roxarsone, Sulfaquinoxaline, Zoalene, Urea.

Varian ICPOES (Inductively Coupled Plasma Optical Emission Spectrometer)
Varian Vista-Pro ICPOES. Axially Viewed ICPOES and Vistachip I-mapped CCD Detector with 70,000 pixels 30,000 Emission Lines Database.
Applications: Feed, Fertilizer and Soil Analysis
Graphite Furnace Atomic Absorption Spectrometer
Varian Specta AA 220Z
Waters 2695 HPLC
Waters 2695 HPLC with Refractometer and Tunable Absorbance Detectors.
Applications: Drugs, Lysine
Sample Preparation Lab Storage - Fertilizer
Retsch Ultra Centrifugal Mill: ZM200
Applications: Grinding Feed and Fertilizer
Fertilizer Direct Available Phosphate
Quinolinium Molybdophosphate Precipitate Method
Skalar San Plus Analyzer: K and P Chemistries
Tecator Hot Extractor
Tecator 1020 Hot Extractor: Fiber-Feed
Sepco 40A Pipette Machine
Tomopal Syringe for Sepco 40A
Tomopal 100 mL syringe for Sepco 40A (
Leco FP 2000 Combustion Analyzer
Leco FP 2000
Applications: Protein-Feed, Nitrogen-Fertilizer