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Seed Testing Program

The mission of the Seed Testing Program is to provide accurate and timely seed quality analysis to the regulatory program, producers, agribusiness firms, researchers and others based on scientific principles.

The goals of the seed testing program are to:

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  1. Offer to seedsmen and all citizens of the Commonwealth seed analyses in a professional, timely and accurate manner on an affordable fee-basis. Minimize time required to process, evaluate and report sample results.
  2. Provide technical assistance and educational information to manufacturers, processors, sellers and users of seed and seed products.
  3. Enhance public relations with clientele firms to maintain respect for the Division's authority and receptiveness to educational efforts of the service programs.
  4. Operate the seed laboratory with up-to-date methods and instrumentation to enable the Division and Seed Program to carry out the service and regulatory missions. Evaluate laboratory procedures and production reports for ways to improve timeliness and accuracy of routine and specialty tests.
  5. Collaborate with interested agencies in establishing and maintaining up-to-date testing protocols as dictated by modern developments in the manufacture, distribution, use, testing and description of seed.
  6. Maintain liaison with industry, advisory groups and University research and Extension personnel. Provide representation, outreach and educational opportunities as needed.