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Seed Regulatory Program Mission

The mission of the Seed Regulatory Program is to administer the Kentucky Seed Law, providing producer, consumer and agribusiness protection through an inspection, sampling and analysis program of seed products distributed and offered for sale in Kentucky.

The goals of the regulatory program are to:

  1. Amicably administer provisions of the Kentucky Seed Law with the primary objective of achieving voluntary compliance, coupled with the use of enforcement provisions when necessary. Ensure that seed labels provide all required information and that seed is of the quality represented by the label through a comprehensive education, inspection, sampling and analysis program.

  2. Provide technical assistance and educational information to manufacturers, processors, sellers and users of seed and seed products.

  3. Enhance public relations with stakeholders in an effort to strengthen relationships between the Division and regulated clientele and to improve awareness of our activities with Kentucky citizens.

  4. Collaborate with other agencies in establishing and maintaining up-to-date laws and regulations as required by modern developments in the manufacture, distribution, use, testing and description of seed.

  5. Maintain liaison with industry, advisory groups and University research and Extension personnel. Provide representation, outreach and educational opportunities as needed.