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Bulk Milk Transportation Security and Traceability Home Page

Welcome to the Milk Transport Security and Traceability Project Homepage. Click on the photos to the right for more information about the project.

More articles and information are also available below.

Project Information
Since early 2006, researchers at the UK College of Agriculture having been leading the development efforts on a DHS funded project to enhance food protection related to bulk milk transportation.  Click here to find out how the bulk milk transport security & traceability system functions and how it can enhance food protection while improving operation efficiencies for the dairy industry.

Milk Transportation Project featured in the January/February issue of Food Safety Magazine.
Click here to read “A Real-life Food Defense Challenge: Bulk Milk Transportation”, featured as a Case Study in Food Protection.

For more information contact:
Chris Thompson
Milk Program Coordinator
859-257-2785 x241

Fred Payne
Professor, Biosystems & Agricultural Engineering
859-257-3000 x 220

Click here for the video and press release page.