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General Information

Milk Handlers and Transfer Stations are routinely visited to examine buying records, collect samples from haulers, and to examine sample-handling procedures.

Laboratories employing licensed milk testers are routinely monitored to ensure that milk testers are using properly calibrated lab equipment and are following approved procedures when testing producer milk samples for payment purposes.

Milk sampler-weighers are routinely met at locations where they deliver Kentucky produced milk. Here, their procedures are evaluated and samples collected to analyze for inspection purposes.

Each year our Division, in cooperation with the Milk Safety Branch, conducts eight quarterly milk haulerís schools (in Lexington and Bowling Green). Sampler-Weighers are required to attend one of these sessions prior to being licensed. Each year the Division licenses approximately fifty (50) new sampler-weighers.

Locations responsible for issuing payments to Kentucky producers are visited to conduct producer pay audits. These visits help ensure accurate payments to producers. Typical audits entail reviewing evidence of payment, milk test records, and weigh tickets. Grade A producers are required to be paid on a minimum of five fairly evenly spaced tests throughout the month. Manufacturing Grade producers are required to be paid on minimum of six fairly evenly spaced tests throughout the month. The variability of milk tests for a given herd is the basis for requiring multiple tests for payment.

Our Division operates a milk laboratory capable of testing milk components used in payment. Most of the samples analyzed in the lab are samples collected for hauler inspection purposes. Our laboratory also compares results with other labs in Kentucky for quality control purposes. Additionally, Kentucky producers can request sample analysis for their herds.