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Advisory Board

The mission of Regulatory Services’ milk program is to ensure fair and accurate marketing of raw farm milk produced or marketed in Kentucky. Our primary function is to monitor “the system” from the time the producer’s milk samples and weights are obtained; the milk is delivered, tested in the laboratory, and payments are calculated. A number of the groups participating in Kentucky’s dairy industry are licensed and monitored to accomplish these objectives. In addition to our regulatory function, Regulatory Services cooperates with other agencies in educational projects and we provide a number of services to Kentucky dairy producers and processors.

Our mission is to serve everyone involved Kentucky’s dairy industry. To advise us concerning policy and programs necessary to implement the milk program, an advisory board was formed in 1960. In our recent law update, the board was renamed and expanded to include a broader representation of the groups affected by the milk program.

The board, now known as the “Kentucky Milk Handlers Advisory Board”, meets at least once annually. The Advisory Board is one of the main avenues for the milk program to remain aware of Kentucky’s dairy industry needs and concerns. Advisory Board input assists Regulatory Services in our effort to provide better service to Kentucky’s dairy industry.

If you have questions or comments concerning milk program, feel free to discuss them with members of the Advisory Board or contact Robert Kiser, Coordinator (interim) of the Milk Program by e-mail or by phone at (859) 257-2785.