Laboratory Resources for Hemp Testing


AOAC has launched the Cannabis Analytical Science Program (CASP) to provide a forum where the science of hemp and cannabis analysis can be discussed and for the development and maintenance of cannabis standards and methods.

Hemp research from the University of Kentucky, Department of Plant and Soil Science

Accreditation & Federal Regulations

ILAC is the international organization for accreditation bodies

DEA Registration

USDA Hemp Rulemaking Documents


Recommended Methods for the Identification and Analysis of Cannabis and Cannabis Products from the United Nations

Industrial Hemp Technical Manual - Standard Operating Procedures for Sampling, Testing and Processing Methodology from the Government of Canada

AOAC Official method 2018.10: Cannabinoids in Cannabis sativa Dried Flowers and Oils

AOAC Official method 2018.11: Quantitation of Cannabinoids in Cannabis Dried Plant Materials, Concentrates, and Oils

CBN and Δ9-THC concentration ratio as an indicator of the age of stored marijuana samples from the United Nations.

Measurement Uncertainty:

ISO 11352:2012(E). Water Quality-Estimation of measurement uncertainty based on validation and quality control data. Geneva, Switzerland.

Handbook for Calculation of Measurement Uncertainty in Environmental Laboratories from NORDTEST