Our Mission

The The Division of Regulatory Services administers four state laws that regulate the distribution of feed, fertilizer, and seed and the marketing of raw milk, and it operates two service programs for testing seed and soil. Through these programs, we afford consumer protection, fair markets, and services for all Kentuckians. We accomplish our responsibilities of consumer protection and service by:

  • operating statewide agricultural monitoring programs in the areas of livestock feed and pet food; agricultural and home-use fertilizer; and crop, vegetable, and lawn/turf seed, as well as the raw milk marketing system.
  • providing analytical support based on scientific principles for each regulatory and service program in modern laboratories to analyze in an unbiased manner feed, fertilizer, milk, seed, and soil samples and provide impartial recommendations.
  • administering effective programs and support functions that promote a fair market for sale and distribution of monitored products.
  • achieving compliance through leadership, outreach, and enforcement to en- sure that agricultural and urban market consumers are purchasing accurately labeled products.
Regulatory Services holds a unique position within the College of Agriculture and contributes to the land-grant values of learning, discovery, and engagement.